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Boyd county detention centre inmates list

Enhancement of Boyd county detention centre inmates list and Its Protocol

The Boyd District Detainment Centre, which consists of two parts, the original prison constructed in 1991 and a 2006 extension which multiplied more than accessible beds, can constitute a 206-bed prison. The Boyd Detainment Center may be a full-time department, living in the Kentucky Corrections Office for pre-trial detainees, Boyd county detention center inmates list the last province detainees incarcerated and federal prisoners.


Family , friends and relative of prisoners will access the tablet from 0800 to 2300 every day in the cell of prisoners via video visits. Prisoners can have 30 minutes of free weekly video calls (which are re-started on Sunday night), but a punitive action for a breach of the rules on presentation is surveyed. When the 30 minutes of free time are done, boyd county detention center inmates list more appointments are also allowed, but a fee of $0.25 per miniature would be added to the inmate.

Visits will be arranged on the website of GTL or on the booth in the original prison camp. You will be needed to build a GTL account and visitors to your home may need a device with a strong webcam, tablet with a back camera or telepath with a back camera and a secure network connection. You may need to build your account with a GTL. The stand in front of the original prison will also be created in your tour.

Extra cover

We should not allow any pieces of clothes for those still detained because of efforts to smuggle drugs and other contraband into the jail. Any type of clothing that a prisoner needs to be bought from the commissary, including socks, shoes and T-shirts.

Health care: Emergency services

Boyd county detention center inmates list in our office have access to counseling 24 hours a day. It is also possible to control dental administrations. These policies have a burden when a visit is made to the doctor or the surgeon. Medicinal or dental treatment shall not be withheld to detenants due to non-payment.